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Weapons help you survive the harsh conditions in NYC. They are split up into assault rifles, sub-machine guns (SMG), shotguns, light machine guns (LMG), designated marksman rifles (DMR) and side arms. Each of the 6 types has it's own ammo type. You can restock ammo by picking it up from fallen enemies and on restock crates. These restock crates can be found in the Base of Operations, safe houses, Dark Zone checkpoints and through major missions after or even in most encounters. When you restock at a crate, all types are refilled completely again.

Your side arm always has infinite ammo, you only need to reload it occasionally.

Your character has always three weapons equipped. One is always a sidearm and has a dedicated slot. There are two more weapon slots where you can put any of the other weapons of your choosing, even two of the same type if you so wish.

The guns have base models and then specific versions (for example a "Police M4" or "Military M4"). The influence of these variants is not yet 100% clear.

You can attach Weapon Mods to weapons which can alter a weapons attributes significantly.

Grenades have their own page.

Weapons List

Assault Rifle

Sub-Machine Gun


Light Machine Gun

Marksman Rifle


Unique weapons

These are the weapons form the open and close Beta. Some high-end weapons have a unique name attached to them. You can't change their skin as those are unique to that weapon.

  • Caduceus
    • SCAR-L Variant. Has three talents. All mod slots.
  • Cassidy
    • Double barrel shotgun variant. No mod slots.
  • Liberator
    • Assault rifle based on the P416
  • Pakhan
    • LMG
  • Damascus
    • Handgun, looks like an M9
  • Defiler
    • Sidearm, sawed off shotgun
  • Midas
    • Submachine gun, Gold Plated ( Uzi appearance)

These weapons have not yet been seen in game:

  • Historian
  • Warlord
  • Valkyria
  • Medved


This section is outdated and will be removed.

Weapon prefixes

  • Classic
  • Tactical
  • Police
  • Military
  • Burst Fire
  • Black Market
  • Converted
  • Navy
  • Enhanced
  • First Wave
  • Hunting
  • Lightweight