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Experience, or 'XP', is what you earn for a variety of activities in The Division. Once gained, you can't lose this XP again.

Primarily, experience is gained by killing enemies in the game, but can be earned by assisting civilian NPCs (non-player characters) or completing missions. As you gain more XP, your player level will rise meaning you can equip better Gear and Weapons.

As you progress through the game, you will find supplies to upgrade your Base of Operations. These upgrades will unlock access to more Skills, Perks and Talents, which you can find out more about below.

There is a separate Dark Zone rank that progresses through actions in the Dark Zone. If you die in the dark Zone you will lose some of your Dark Zone XP. This way you might even lose a rank in the Dark Zone. More details are on the Dark Zone page.


Your Gear and Gear Mods determine your characters main attributes: firearms, stamina and electronics. Your firearms attribute determines your characters damage bonus, stamina determining your characters health and electronics determining your skill power. By equipping better gear and mods, these attributes will increase allowing you to take on stronger enemies and greater challenges.


You have access to 12 different skills as you progress through the game, with the ability to equip up to 3 at a time. Skills can be used as and when necessary, however they have a 'cooldown' which prevents them from being used repeatedly in succession. Skills include the ability to place an automatic turret, heal other players and launch sticky bombs. Skills, like weapons, can have mods applied to them that will allow you to further enhance their effectiveness.


A perk is known in most role playing games as a 'passive skill' meaning that it does not require to be activated for you to receive the benefit. There are 40 different perks and offer various benefits such as increased med kit capacity, increased reload speed and more.


A talent is similar to a perk (in the sense that it is passive), however it requires you to meet certain criteria before the bonus is activated. You can equip up to five talents at any one time and switch between them as you wish. Criteria for activation varies between talents, such as the perk which increases your damage by a certain percentage when your health drops below a certain threshold.

XP Levels

Each level requires more XP than the previous one. When you level up, the counter will go to 0. If you have more XP than required for the level, the extra XP will carry over towards the next level.

The increase shows how much more XP you need, compared to the previous level.

Level Required XP XP Increase
1 0 0
2 2'250 2'250
3 3'900 1'650
4 6'450 6'000
5 9'900  ?
6 14'250  ?
7 19'500  ?
8 25'650  ?
9 32'700  ?
10 40'650  ?
11 49'500  ?
12  ?  ?
13  ?  ?
14  ?  ?
15  ?  ?
16  ?  ?
17  ?  ?
18  ?  ?
19  ?  ?
20  ?  ?
21 187'500  ?
22 206'250  ?
23 225'900  ?
24 246'450  ?
25 267'900  ?
26 290'250  ?
27  ?  ?
28 337'650  ?
29 362'700  ?
30 388'650  ?

Once you reached level 30, you can collect more XP, 415'500 to be exact to fill level 30's bar. This might be for future expansions, but that's just speculation at this point.