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Main missions differ from all other missions in that they are replayable, including on different difficulties. You can use matchmaking to go in with random players and also fast travel to the location, once you completed it at least one time.

The missions are split into the different wings of the Base of Operations and tell the story of each of these branches. They can be tackled in any order, with the exception of the first mission in each wing, but they have level suggestions and are in areas where you might encounter enemies way above your own level.

If you replay a mission, you can select the difficulty you want to play it in, with higher rewards for more difficult play through. You will only get items, credits and XP rewards though on a second play through. You will not get additional supplies for your Base of Operations. The listed XP rewards are for completing it once, though you do still get plenty of XP from your actions while redoing the mission.

There are three difficulties:

  • Normal: At recommended level you will have a decent challenge.
  • Hard: Enemies are at your level and often elites on top. This is doable but will require a bit more caution. Also comes with higher rewards.
  • Challenging: Only some missions support this. Once you reach level 30 you can experience missions with this difficulty. These are meant to be played with groups of 4 players. All enemies are level 32 elites. You can get extra Phoenix Credits and higher level Gear by completing these.

Medical Main Missions

  • Madison Field Hospital: Rescue Dr. Jessica Kandel. Unlocks medical wing in Base of Operations. Minimum recommended level: 4
  • Hudson Refugee Camp: Infected civilians have sought shelter in a camp at the Hudson Rail Yards. Secure the civilians to ensure Dr. Kandel and her staff can retrieve critical blood samples. Minimum recommended level: 7
  • Broadway Emporium: Abel's department store has been identified as a potential release site for the lethal virus. Find and secure samples of the original virus strain on money at the checkout counters. Minimum recommended level: 8
  • Amherst's Apartment: Suspected bioterrorist Gordon Amherst's apartment has been located in a residential building in Hell's Kitchen. Investigate the site and recover any evidence you find. Minimum recommended level: 14
  • Russian Consulate: Virologist Vitaly Tchernenko, a known contact of Amherst's, is holed up in the Russian Consulate. Locate and extract him so that he can be questioned. Minimum recommended level: 27

Security Main Missions

  • Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint: The Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint is under attack by Rioters. Secure the checkpoint and get the commander of the Joint Task Force, Captain Roy Benitez, back to the Base of Operations. Unlocks security wing in Base of Operations. Minimum recommended level: 5
  • Napalm Production Site: The Cleaners are producing mass quantities of napalm at their headquarters to incinerate civilians. Shut down their production and take out their leader, Joe Ferro. Minimum recommended level: 10
  • Lexington Event Center: Rikers are holding Joint Task Force personnel at their headquarters on Lexington Avenue. Access the building, neutralize Rikers' leader Larea Barrett, and free the hostages. Minimum recommended level: 20
  • Queens Tunnel Camp: Infiltrate and take out the Last Man Battalion's communication hub in the Queens Tunnel construction site. Minimum recommended level: 24
  • Grand Central Station: Disable the Last Man Battalion's automated turrets and help the Joint Task Force secure their forward base at Grand Central Station. Minimum recommended level: 26

Tech Main Missions

  • Subway Morgue: The local power outage has been traced to the Subway Morgue generators. Locate missing JTF engineer Paul Rhodes, assist him in restoring power, and allow him to return to the Base of Operations to open up the Tech Wing. Minimum recommended level: 6
  • Times Square Power Relay: Repair the power transformer in Times Square before it causes the entire grid to collapse. Minimum recommended level: 12
  • Police Academy: A transponder from a first wave Division agent has begun signaling from inside the New York police academy. Investigate the beacon and gather any evidence you find. Minimum recommended level: 16
  • WarrenGate Power Plant: The WarrenGate power plant has been compromised by Rikers, threatening the city's power supply. Secure the power plant and neutralize the intruders. Minimum recommended level: 18
  • Rooftop Comm Relay: A Joint Task Force engineering team was sent to restore some broadcast dishes but they are out of contact. Find the engineers and get the communications up and running. Minimum recommended level: 22