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Grenades are items you can pick up and refill from restock crates. You normally select them with 'G' and throw them with left click. All grenades have an exploding area, orange marked when you throw them and red marked when they are on the floor.

EMP Grenades
Emp Grenades apply Disrupt, which will destroy any active skills caught in the blast. EMP Grenades also prevent affected enemies from deploying and new skills for a period of time.
Flashbang Grenades
FlashBang Grenades deal Blind-Deaf, which will temporarily impair the vision and hearing of an enemy caught in the blast.
Fragmentation Grenades
Fragmentation Grenades deal high damage and have a chance to apply bleeding.
Incendiary Grenades
Incendiary Grenades release fire on detonation. This fire has a chance to apply Burn to any enemy caught in the blast. Burn will drain an enemy's health over time.
Shock Grenades
Shock Grenades apply Shock, which will temporarily paralyze any enemy caught in the blast radius and also deal damage.
Tear Gas Grenades
Tear Gas Grenades apply 'Disoriented', which will temporarily impair the vision as well as the accuracy, of any enemy caught in the blast.