Gear Talents

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Gear just like Weapons can have talents. These give you special bonuses on high end quality gear.

The strings {0} and {1} are placeholders of the game and can have varying values attached to them, depending on the item.

Name Description
Cunning After reloading, the next shot with this weapon has a {0}% higher critical hit chance
Enduring While in the last health segment, health continuously regenerates to fill up the segment
Inventive Increase Skill Power by {0}% while at full health
Nimble Heal {0}% of max health for every {1} meter run in cover-to-cover during combat
Perceptive Item find and Credit find bonuses are increased by {0}%
Prosperous Headshot kills grant Credits
Recovered Damage taken during cover-to-cover is regenerated over 5 seconds when reaching the destination
Refreshed All healing is improved by {0}% when in the last health segment
Rehabilitated Heals {0}% every second during Status Effects
Relentless {0}% of the damage dealt by skills is returned as healing
Resourceful All healing is also applied to skill objects
Specialized Adds {0}% of Firearms and Stamina to Skill Power
Steadfast Health regeneration kicks in twice as fast while in cover
Sturdy Increase Armor by {0}% when staying more than {1} seconds in the same cover
Tenacious Increase damage by {0}% for {1} seconds when using a Medkit