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This frequently asked questions page tries to collect and answer those things popping up over and over again. If you have questions and you can't find it in the other portions of this wiki, it might be covered here.


When will The Division be released?
March 8th, 2016. The exact time is not yet confirmed, but Steam says it will be 19:00 CET.
If I preorder on Steam now what do I get?
For the standard edition, the Hazmat gear set. If get the Gold edition, you also get the National Guard set. It doesn't matter if you buy it or someone gift's it to you, as long as it's done before the release of the game.
When the beta is over, can I just update my beta client or do I have to redownload the entire game?
Because the beta is a "different game" on all platforms, it will go away and you have the actual retail release game as a new application. So you will have to download the entire game from scratch,.


When is the open Beta?
The open beta is between the 18th of February 2016 and the 21st of February 2016. Xbox One owners can play the entire time, while PC and PS4 can only start on the 19th. And exact time has not been communicated as of now, but a mention has been made that it would be at 10:00 CET again like in the closed beta.
How can I get the beta?
On PC, go into Uplay and into the free games section. On Xbox One go to "Games" and for PS4 go to "PlayStation Store" and search for "Tom Clancy's The Division Open Beta".
I have the closed beta still on my system, do I need to redownload?
No, there is a patch that will update your client.
When can I preload the open beta?
Some systems have already started distributing the patches, but latest you should be able to preload on the 16th of February.
I my progress from the closed beta still present in the open beta?
No. All progress is reset for the open beta.
Can I take my progress from the open beta into the real game?
No, all data will be reset for the launch of the game.
Can I create multiple characters during the beta?
Yes. You can create up to 4 characters.
How do I play the beta?
Go and watch the intro video, it will tell you all you need to know.
There is talk about an exclusive reward for playing the open beta, what do I need to do to get it?
Just start the game and log in. That should be enough to mark your account so you receive it in the full game.
Which languages does the open Beta support?
English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese.
What's the max level I can reach in the open beta?
Your level is restricted to 8, your Dark Zone Rank to 12 for the duration of the beta.
Does The Division require me to be online to play?
Yes, even if you play single player, you need to be online.
Do I need Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus to play the beta?
If you do solo play only, no. As soon as you want to coop with your friends or go into the Dark Zone, you will need a subscription.
What changed, got patched in the open beta?
Check out the Beta page, it contains the full change log.


Are all enemies Bullet sponges?
The Division is a tactical cover based shooter with RPG elements. As such it went on a slower combat with a larger damage distribution over time. That works just as well with other RPGs, where you wouldn't call the enemies "sword/arrow sponges". Depending on your Gear, Weapons and Weapon Mods you can actually kill enemies rather quickly if your aim is also good.
When I craft, is the blue print used up?
No, while Crafting, the blueprint remains with you and can be reused as many times as you like.
Is there proximity voice chats?
Yes, there is proximity voice chat. The closer you are the better you can hear them. But you can also disable it and use external voice systems. When you use the internal one, the people in your group can hear you as if you stand next to them, even if you are far away.
Will I be able to trade items with other players, crafted or looted?
No. At this moment that is impossible. The developer have mentioned a willingness for changes, but it remains to be seen if this aspect would change, as there are strong opinions for and against it.
If I put things into the stash box, will all my characters be able to use that?
Yes, the stash is shared between your characters.
How many players can be in a group?
You can have 4 players in one group, yourself included, and play together in the just PvE zones as well as in the Dark Zone.

Dark Zone

What is the Dark Zone?
Inside the Dark Zone you can come across other players, like at Camp Hudson. But here, you will be able to shoot each other. While in the Dark Zone you can kill NPC's or other players for loot and then extract that. There are also Dark Zone Chests that give you loot, often guarded by strong NPC presences. If you die within the DArk Zone you can loose some of the loot you gained but haven't been able to extract yet.
How do you extract loot in the Dark Zone?
When you have loot to extract, it shows as a yellow pack with a bio-hazard sign on it below your backpack. Then you can go to one of the extraction zones (marked orange on your map) and start an extraction. This will alert the surrounding area about it and often times also attracts NPCs. Then you have to wait 90 seconds for a helicopter to arrive and lower a rope. You can then attach your loot to the rope. Once attached, your loot is safe, even should you die, that loot will be saved.
What happens if I die in the Dark Zone?
Should you have loot to extract, then a third will drop to the ground, possible for anyone to pick up, while 2 thirds will stay there only possible for you to pick it up again. So if an NPC killed you and nobody else was close you can still get all of it back. When you die you can also loose Dark Zone currency, some XP towards your Dark Zone rank and Dark Zone keys for Dark Zone Chests. Anything else, equipped weapons and armor, contents of your backpack, is safe. If you are rogue, you will loose more than a third of your itmes. Should you be rouge level 5, you will drop all items that are in your contamination pack upon dying and loose a lot more XP and currency.


Where are the servers located?
Europe, North America and Australia. There might be more locations, but those have not yet been confirmed.
I live in Australia, are there servers close by?
Yes, there are dedicated servers in Australia. You will be able to play just fine.
Can I host a server?
No, these servers are only under the control of Ubisoft. It's like an MMO in that way.
After starting to play, I will move from EU to US, do I have to start from scratch?
No. Your character is on your account and as long as you login with the same account you can use it anywhere in the world. The game will choose the closest server for you to play on, no matter where you are.


Will it always be winter in the game?
Yes. There is no announced plans of changing that.
Has the graphics been downgraded? Is the console holding the graphics back on PC?
The answer is no.