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The Map is split into districts. Besides the 6 Dark Zone districts in which you can encounter players, all other districts are only populated by NPC's and anyone in your group.

Camp Hudson is a special case and not listed in the districts below, it's a protected area, like the inside of the Base of Operations with the difference you can see other players there and potentially find new groups.

Each district has a level bracket, telling you what kind of enemies you can expect to find there. These are suggestions, you can try to take on higher level enemies, but too high a difference and you will have a hard time even just surviving.

District Name Min Level Max Level Safe House Vendor
Chelsea 2 4 Camp Hudson All
Pennsylvania Plaza 3 5 Base of Operations All
Garment District 5 9 The Cavern Gear
Hudson Yards 5 9 Kerman Station Weapons
Tenderloin 9 12 The Meat Locker Weapons
Hell's Kitchen 10 13 Dante's Run Gear
Times Square 10 13 Autumn's Hope Gear
Clinton 14 15 Wolves Den Weapons
Flatiron District 15 16 Madison's Stand Gear
Gramercy 16 18 The Last Call Weapons
Stuyvesant 18 19 The Ward Gear
Kips Bay 20 23 Southpaw Gear
Murray Hill 24 26 The Grindhouse Weapons
Turtle Bay 27 28 The Firewall Gear
Midtown East 28 30 The Crypt Weapons
DZ01 10 12 - -
DZ02 13 15 Safe Room Gear and Blueprints
DZ03 16 18 Safe Room Weapons and Blueprints
DZ04 22 24 Safe Room Gear Mods and Blueprints
DZ05 27 29 Safe Room Weapon Mods and Blueprints
DZ06 29 30 Safe Room Special Vendor (Phoenix Credits)