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The Dark Zone is a dangerous place in the center of the Map. You want to be well prepared before venturing there. In the Dark Zone you meet other players, powerful NPCs and loot crates.

The dark zones are ranked by level brackets, meaning you will only find players of that bracket in the Dark Zone. This level is your basic player level you have form doing content outside of the Dark Zone. You are grouped based on that level alone. At level 30 something special happens and the entire dark zone becomes one large Level 30 playing field.

The brackets:

  • Level 1 - 14
  • Level 15 - 19
  • Level 20 - 24
  • Level 25 - 29
  • Level 30

While in the dark zone, you get a different kind of currency and XP, which does not translate to outside the Dark Zone. The currency allows you to buy from various vendors (including in the checkpoints) inside the Dark Zone. The XP increases your Dark Zone rank. When you die in the Dark Zone, you loose Dark Zone XP, your rank can also drop through that. Rank is what determines what kind of items you can buy (dropping rank once you have it will not prevent you from using it though) and what kind of loot chests you can open. Dark Zone Chests require dark zone keys (item is dropped by NPCs in the zone) and certain ranks.

Items looted need to be extracted first. Until you do, they will drop to the ground if you die and can be looted by anyone nearby.

You can enter the Dark Zone at level 1, but be careful, here is a list of rated levels for each of the 6 Districts:

District Name Min Level Max Level
DZ01 10 12
DZ02 13 15
DZ03 16 18
DZ04 22 24
DZ05 27 29
DZ06 29 30

Extraction of items

As you find items, you have to extract them first. If you try to leave the dark zone (the checkpoints are still inside the zone) your looted items will be destroyed otherwise.

To do so, go to one of the highlighted extraction zones and initiate the extraction. A helicopter will arrive in 90 seconds, then take another about 10 seconds to let down a rope where you can attach loot to. As soon as it's fully attached, the loot is safe, nobody can steal it "off the rope".

You can use someone else's extraction call to get your loot out, which is part of the danger of an extraction. As soon as one get's called in, the entire area around it get's notified about it. some people will want to extract as well, but it might also attract some rogues.

PvP Rules

While there is no friendly fire for your group members, neither in the normal map nor here, any other player you meet in the Dark Zone can be damaged by anything you do that deals damage. If you hit someone by accident and don't do too much damage, you will be flagged for them and appear with a read health bar and name for about 30 seconds. This does not mean that you are yet rogue though.

To completely go rogue you need to deal a significant amount of damage. A grenade or sticky bomb usually does the trick. Once you, or one of your group does that, the entire group will be rogue.

There are 5 levels of being rogue, with the lowest starting the count down at 90 seconds, the highest at 300. While you are rogue, anyone can kill you without them going rogue themselves. You will also show up on their screen prominently so they can spot you from far away. Should you go level 5, that distance will be the entire dark zone, less so for lower levels.

Anytime someone hits you, your counter freezes for a short while. If you kill someone or hit someone, your counter resets or even goes up until it hits 300 seconds again at the maximum.

If a player get's killed, they drop the looted items that have not been extracted yet (items bought in the Dark Zone are safe) and a bit of their Dark Zone currency and Dark Zone keys. They also loose some Dark Zone XP. The dropped items can be collected by anyone in the vicinity, friend or foe.

Killing a rogue agent will give you Dark Zone XP and credits. Being killed while being rogue will make you loose a significantly larger amount than if you were not rogue.

Should your timer run out as rogue agent, you will be awarded with a bounty of XP and credits as well, for surviving.


  • 1: 0 XP
  • 2: 125 XP
  • 3: 180 XP
  • 4: 265 XP
  • 5: ? XP
  • 6: 525 XP
  • 7: 700 XP
  • 8: ? XP
  • 9: ? XP
  • 10: ? XP
  • 11: ? XP
  • 12: 2'025 XP
  • 13: ? XP
  • 14: ? XP
  • 15: ? XP
  • 16: ? XP
  • 17: ? XP
  • 18: ? XP
  • 19: ? XP
  • 20: ? XP
  • 21: ? XP
  • 22: 6'925 XP
  • 23: 7'580 XP
  • 24: 8'265 XP
  • 25: ? XP
  • 26: ? XP
  • 27: ? XP
  • 28: ? XP
  • 29: 12'140 XP
  • 30: 13'005 XP
  • 31: 13'900 XP
  • 32: 14'825 XP
  • 33: ? XP
  • 34: 16'765 XP
  • 35: 17'780 XP
  • 36: ? XP
  • 37: 19'900 XP
  • 38: 22'140 XP
  • 39: ? XP
  • 40: 23'305 XP
  • 41: 24'500 XP
  • 42: 25'725 XP
  • 43: 26'980 XP
  • 44: ? XP
  • 45: 28'580 XP
  • 46: 30'925 XP
  • 47: 32'300 XP
  • 48: 33'705 XP
  • 49: 35'140 XP
  • 50: 36'605 XP
  • 51: ? XP