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Consumables can give you additional boosts for short amounts of time. They can be carried to a specific amount (under Inventory, Pouches) and found in loot bags and on enemies.

When you use a consumable, you have a short cool down before you can use another consumable of the same type.

The two bullet consumables are applied to your current weapon and will cause you to reload that weapon with the new ammo.

Regular consumables

Canned Food
When consumed, canned food increases healing effects on player by 40%. The effect lasts 30 seconds.
Energy Bar
When consumed, the energy bar instantly removes all negative Status Effects on the player and protects the player from all Status Effects for 5 seconds.
When consumed, water increases all damage dealt to elite enemies by 20%. The effect lasts 30 seconds.
When consumed, soda reduces all cooldowns on skills by 30%. The effect lasts 30 seconds.
Incendiary Bullets
When used, incendiary bullets have a chance to light a target on fire. The effect lasts 30 seconds.
Explosive bullets
When used, explosive bullets have chance to deal area of effect damage.


Lock picks alow you to open doors in the PvE portion of the map. There are some locked doors which only open if you pick them, usually hiding some valuable items. These can be found in loot bags and on enemies.

Dark Zone keys are needed to open Dark Zone Chests. A chest has a level you need in order to be able to open it, but also consumes a key when you open it. These keys can only be found on NPC's in the Dark Zone. You may also pick them up from agents who have died one way or another in the dark zone.


Work like the other consumables, including the cool down. Heals you back up about 50%.