Base of Operations

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The base of operations or simply the post office, is where you make your stand in NYC. It houses vendors, a restock crate, central characters, the stash crate and a special vendor for rewards.

Items successfully extracted from the Dark Zone, land in the stash crate in it's own category (maximum capacity is 30).

You have a separate stash location inside it, for other items, say things you don't want to haul around but not yet sell or deconstruct.

The base consists of the medical wing, the security wing and the tech wing. You can unlock them with some Main Missions and enhance them by collecting supplies in Side Missions.

Each wing has their own mission markers and encounter markers which will yield you the supplies for each of these wings. Green for medical, blue for security and yellow for tech. Missions for medical supplies have the hospital star, tech the yellow lightning bolt and security the blue shield. These give more than the encounters, but are also harder to complete.

Medical Wing Upgrades

Cost: 500. No Requirements. Unlocks First Aid Skill. Medkit Perk, carry one more medkit.
Virus Lab
Cost: 500
Disaster Aid
Cost: 1000
Cost: 400
Intensive Care
Cost: 400
Hazmat Unit
Cost: 400
Decontamination Unit
Cost: 200
Cost: 200
Cost: 200
Pediatric Care
Cost: 200

Tech Wing Upgrades

Control Room
Cost: ?

Security Wing Upgrades

Canine Unit
Cost: ?