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Leader: None

Profile: Low-life thugs who took advantage of the situation to steal and kill.

Favorite weapon: Handgun, baseball bat

Identifiers: No unique identifiers; members wear mixed tactical gear and clothing

Location: Hudson Yards, Hell's Kitchen, Chelsea

Goal: Survival by any means

Role: Low level enemy

Thugs, often in hoodies, not very well organized nor disciplined. They are not the smart ones and mostly come in packs. When the city fell, they were there to take advantage of it.

Don't take this wrong, they are dangerous, but of your troubles, these ones are the least.

Beyond the organized factions roam thugs and outlaws that now rampage through the city, rioting, looting, and assaulting any who come near them. Unafraid to wound or kill, they survive by preying on the weak. they roam in packs, hunting down easy targets and lashing out at authorities when they get the chance. Volatile and dangerous, they are a constant thorn in the side of the JTF and a steady drain on resources.