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Leader: Larae Berrett

Profile: Prisoners who escaped from Riker’s Island prison who take their revenge on authority.

Favorite weapon: Shotgun, submachinegun

Identifiers: Prison wear, tattoos

Location: Clinton, Flatiron District, Stuyvesant, Kips Bay

Goal: Power & Greed

Role: Destructive Chaotic Threat

Engage with the Rikers, a gang of convicts that escaped Riker’s Island prison and who are now ravaging the city and vying for its control. All these criminals have a strong history of violence, and they now compose on of the most feared faction of The Division.

A destructive criminal faction that has surfaced as a result of an organized prison break from Riker's Island. The Rikers faction fill the power vacuum left by the retreating JTF and now rule like kinds in a lawless land. their first objective: enact revenge on authorities - kill everyone with a uniform, especially the JTF.

With many members from local New York gangs, their ranks quickly grew as they drew in more local followers. Their rapid growth has led to occasional in-fighting and rivalry. This however, is kept at bay by Larae Berrett, known as much for her ruthlessness as her ability to plan, organize, and lead. Bennett's powerful leadership over her members show that the Rikers Gang is not to be trifled with.

Their leader Larae Berrett is hiding out in the Lexington Event Center.