Paul Rhodes

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Paul Rhodes

Age: 45

Occupation: Tech Entrepenuer

Residence: Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

Education/Training: BS in EE from Rutgers, MS in Compsci from Suny-Stonybrook

Race: Caucasian

Religion: God lives in a bottle, and maybe a cigar

For as twitchy and cynical as he may be, Rhodes is, by all accounts, incredibly smart. Put simply, he's a doer. Part technical genius, expert weapons engineer, and recently-failed entrepreneur, Rhodes prides himself on sticking to his guns, even when the going gets tough.

His peers know him for his highly-attuned bullshit sensor; his critics know him for his disdain for authority. His allegiance, meanwhile, goes to competence and, though he'd never admit it, willingness to go the extra mile to get the job done right.

Born and raised in central Jersey, Rhodes has always live a mobile life. Having attended Rutgers and bounced between various tech shops, Rhodes never had a good reason to stay anywhere for long. In 2003, his wayfaring eventually brought him to Iraq, where he served as a contractor with a PMC. During his time there, he was the sole survivor of an ambush. After escaping, he found himself grappling from the enormous burden of survivor's guilt.

Combined with the loss of his wife in 9/11, Rhodes has since stayed away from all intimate relationships, benign or adverse. However, Rhodes always does his best, even in the worst of situations.

Rhodes is holed up in the Subway Morgue. Finding and saving him will unlock the tech wing in your Base of Operations.