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The city is split into different Districts. There are 21 districts, including the 6 Dark Zone ones. You can find more details on each district on the Districts page.

This is the currently known map from the closed Beta of The Division. The red outline that extends from the lower left was the bounds of the beta, you could not venture outside of that zone.

The red shaded part in the middle top is the Dark Zone with is 6 sub parts. DZ01 and DZ02 were accessible during the beta.

At the top and bottom you can see a solid white line that was pointed out during the live streams of the beta, to be the full map. West and east is limited by the shorelines.

In the lower left is Camp Hudson where you arrive with a Helicopter during the game, a part that was the beginning of the beta (along with Level 4). The orange area with the icon on top is your Base of Operations also called the post office.

Please ignore the other various icons on it as this was a screen shot taken in between, indicating a death location where my character died, a group members location and the start point of Madison Field Hospital mission. The orange dot was my location, the line the indicator on how to get to the selected location on the map.


You can make your life a lot easier by finding the situation board in each district. That board for Chelsea is in Camp Hudson, just to the left of the stash crate. There is also one in the Base of Operations, to the right of the vendors in the main room. When you examine those boards, you pick up all the missions, side missions and encounters you can find in those Districts.