Madison Field Hospital

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Warning: This info was written during the closed Beta and might change on full release.

Rioters have taken over the Madison Square Garden field hospital, holding CERA staff hostage inside. Find and rescue Dr. Jessica Kandel and the other medical staff.

Minimum Recommended Level: 4

Mission rewards on normal:

  • 700 Medical Wing Supplies
  • 250 Credits
  • 4400 XP
  • Green Weapon
  • Doctor Jessica Kandel

After setting up shop in the Base of Operations, Faye Lau sends you to the Madison Square Garden arena, just to the east of the base of operations.

In order to bring the wings of the base back into operation, you need to find people and for the medical wing, that means rescuing Dr. Kandel who is in the converted arena.


As soon as you start the mission, do not go to the door, just stand back and wait. The blinking thing on the door is a bomb to breach the door and it will hurt or kill you if you stand too close.

Once inside, go left and you will be in the lobby with escalators going up. The first wave of enemies will be coming down these escalators. Staying in the middle behind cover on either side is a good strategy to get rid of them. With no more coming down, one will always hide at the top of the stairs. Take him out and this part of the mission is done.

Head up and use the keyboard in the security room to path Fay Lau in. She will tell you to go on. In this room, up the stairs to your left is a loot pack. Go through the door, take the loot pack to your right and then head left. Restock on the crate to your right as you head up the ramp.


Madison Field Hospital Court Area

To your left is the court area. The enemies are on the far side, so set yourself up somewhere in the middle as well here. This is one of the harder parts of the mission, so leave yourself room to retreat. Also avoid some of the bed cover, as enemies may shoot through the gaps or can hit you from above as these are less tall than the counters and barriers.

Dispatch the enemies as they appear, then defeat the additional waves that come from above and jump down the stage ahead. When the grate in the back left area opens, that's the last wave of enemies.

With the room cleared, grab the loot bags on the left side (three in total). Restock on the crate in the back left corner or on the crate in about the middle to the right hand wall. Now head to the space that just opened, take a quick turn to the right and loot the crate in the corner here, before going into the elevator. Wait for everyone to get in, otherwise it will take a while until the person stranded will get up too. Interact with the button to make it go up.


Loot the bag on the left out of the elevator. There is a door here you can open with a lock pick, but the area inside requires a level 2 filter, otherwise you die quickly. Inside this are is a large loot crate.

If you look through the broken windows on your right side, towards the front you can see some seats there. With a DMR you can comfortably snipe from here through the broken windows. It's a much easier way to kill the enemies ahead. No matter which way to kill you choose, after the first ones are dead, more come from the far right side and then a few more from the left side. You can go into the area where the enemies are by going from the elevator straight, then to the right and through the door and then through the door at the far end. If you stick to the right side before taking the second door, you can make it without the enemies noticing you. Then you can open the door and be even closer to them, but run into the danger the enemies will pose that spawn behind you.


The area cleared of this wave of enemies will trigger you rescuing the doctor. But the fight is not over yet. More enemies will approach from the far end (left if you were looking at it like before). You can significantly make this bit easier, by killing the enemies without opening the door, then open the door, run straight through the kitchen on your right and stop in the door frame at the end of the kitchen. Aim with a grenade ahead, a bit to the right of the double door with the large screen on top of it and slightly to the back, where the tables are, so it lands in part you can pass between the chairs here. Wait until you see the first enemy pop up from the far left (you'll see a red triangle over their head) then throw it. The enemies will rush into the grenade area and you will hit most of them. Both explosive and incendiary work well here. As soon as the grenade is gone, start shooting at the enemies. If you have an LMG that works great here. You will have to reload or switch weapons, but killing them will be very easy now.

With enough of them dead, a small group bursts out that double door I just mentioned. Take care of them too and you are done with this area.

Head through that door and up the ladder. Up here you can go around the jumbo tron and find some loot crate on the left and a loot bag to your right. When loaded up follow the indicator straight and up the second ladder. Exit to the left and restock on the crate here.


You can go up the stairs or climb the AC units to the left to get to a slightly different position up on the roof.

Up here it's best to stay as far back as you can, to control the enemies easier. They have less chances to sneak up on you. If you run low on ammo you can just go down from the roof and restock, but there are also two crates up on the roof, one near the structure on the left, the corner closes to you when you come up the stairs, and another in the far right corner, next to where a ladder goes up a little perch.

The elite in the back will come down and go into cover when the fight starts. You will see a symbol loading up over his head when he prepares to come out of cover and rain down bullets. That's another reason to stand back, as they have less chance to hit you very far back. Focus on the enemies coming at you first and keep taking those out until the elite hops down from his look out and stands on the same ground as you. If you are very powerful you can kill him while still being up there, and don't worry, the loot will spawn later on the ground where you can grab it.

Rusher enemies will come at you from the far right. Once he comes down, more enemies with guns spawn from the left and depending on your party size additional elites with machine guns from the center door. At this stage it's advisable to kill the elites first, while taking care of anyone getting too close in between. The elites will try to get closer over time and if they are up close they kill very quickly.

With all enemies killed, your mission is completed and Dr. Kendal is at the Base of Operations. Go talk to her.

You can stock up on the roof, collect the loot and then follow the indicators to rappel down and open the elevator doors from the inside. There is a loot bag right there when you get out of the elevator shaft on your right.

If you redo the mission, you can also just fast travel which will be quicker, either to the entrance or the base of operations directly.