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These are the so far known named characters in the game you can encounter.

  • Faye Lau: Division agent, wounded and manning the Base of Operations for you
  • Heather Lau is the sister of Faye Lau
  • Roy Benitez is a police officer and JTF commander who has earned a lot of respect from the JTF personnel in Midtown Manhattan.
  • Paul Rhodes: Engineer, in charge of the tech wing.
  • Dr. Jessica Kandel: Doctor, in charge of the medical wing.
  • Charles Bliss is the commander of the private military company the Last Man Battalion
  • Larae Berrett is an escaped convict who united the rival prison gangs of Rikers' Island and brought them safely into Manhattan.
  • Rick Valassi: Radio DJ of the pirate radio
  • ISAC: AI companion that gives you feedback on the world.
  • Gordon Amherst is the man believed to be behind the Green Poison virus, but his whereabouts are unknown.
  • Joe Ferro: Before the crisis hit, Ferro was a sanitation worker and liked to call in to talk radio shows.
  • Aaron Keener was involved in a disastrous attempt to maintain control of the Dark Zone.